Calgon, Take Me Away

Monday, we meet again.


When will you take the hint?

The Last Night’s Game Team

Tour de France/esports

Egan Bernal took home Columbia’s first Tour De France win and the title of the third youngest winner ever at the ripe old age of 22. As the winner, he took home a check for $556,000. Making the 22-year-old not only feel old but underpaid, Kyle 'Bugha' Giersdorf, 16, won the Fortnite World Cup (esports) and $3 million in prize money. BATTLE OF THE BABYFACES



If the grim reaper shows up on the sidelines of a Tampa Bay Buccaneers (NFL – National Football League) game for head coach Bruce Arians, it’s time to break out the bottle. When asked about his heath, the 66-year-old coach said he wasn’t concerned and if he dies on gameday, then fans should have a drink in his honor. CHEERS?


Sideline stat

It has been seven weeks since former baseball player David Ortiz was shot in his home country of the Dominican Republic. This weekend, after three surgeries for injuries sustained when a bullet damaged his stomach, liver and intestines, he was released from the hospital in his adopted hometown of in Boston. MEDICAL MIRACLE


Coaches’ corner                 

From undrafted to the WNBA (Women’s National Basketball Association) All-Star Game MVP, Erica Wheeler took home the honors in Las Vegas this weekend. She lost her mom to cancer when she was in college, worked her butt off to make a team and now has the distinction of being the best of the best. INSPIRATION FROM ABOVE

What to watch

The Alex Rodriguez-Jennifer Lopez birthday love continues. Alongside his daughters, J-lo presented her fiancée with a birthday cake live on Sunday Night Baseball where he is a broadcaster. BIRTHDAY BOY