A Rough Go

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Not all Mondays are pretty.


We’ll motor through anyway,

The Last Night’s Game Team

PGA (Professional Golfers Association)

If you’ve ever been late to work, this one’s for you. Golfer Phil Mickelson cut it a little too close for his tee time in yesterday’s BMW Championship. Although he didn’t oversleep like you might think. His hotel was struck by lightning and caught on fire, forcing guests to evacuate. He couldn’t get back up to his room to get his golf clubs or clothes. He was forced to head to the course sans clubs but the two were eventually reunited. COMING IN HOT



Basketball legend Bill Walton gave calling the Chicago White Sox-Los Angeles Angels (MLB – Major League Baseball) game a shot this weekend and to say it was awkwardly glorious is an understatement. Walton is not shy about his love for the Grateful Dead, possibly an illegal (or legal depending on where you live) substance or his gift of gab. IT’S LIKE YOUR BOSS THAT NEVER STOPS TALKING BUT IN TIE DYE


Sideline stat

Former President Barak Obama’s game-worn high school basketball jersey sold at an auction for $120,000. The auction house called it possibly “the most important basketball jersey that exists” given Obama's later status. The buyer asked to remain anonymous. THINK IT WAS MICHELLE?


Coaches’ corner

The race at Bristol was a roller coaster for NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) fans. First, there was Dale Earnhardt Jr’s plane scare and then the news that driver Matthew DiBenedetto was out of a job next year. DiBenedetto led the majority of the race on Saturday but lost the lead in the final laps. DiBenedetto’s fellow racers felt so bad for him that the race winner Denny Hamlin apologized for beating him. MORE THAN WORDS