Let’s Party Like We’re On Vacation


As the summer winds down, we prepare to say goodbye to the days of whimsical road trips and poolside conversations.


One can dream,

The Last Night’s Game Team


The New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox will play on the actual “Field of Dreams” in 2020. The first-ever MLB game in Iowa will be played in a temporary 8,000-seat ballpark constructed amongst the corn on the site where the classic Kevin Costner flick was shot. SCREEN ACTORS GUILD CARD NOT INCLUDED



The list of coaches just now discovering the earth-shattering joy of iced coffee is growing. First, we had Nick Van Exel (NBA – National Basketball Association) and now the head football coach of the Syracuse Orange, who actually said “You guys ever try iced coffee? I don’t know why anybody would do illegal drugs when there’s iced coffee.” Dino Babers is known for his unconventional thoughts, but if this is him in preseason, we can’t wait until the season starts. THE GATEWAY DRUG

Sideline stat

What kind of NFL (National Football League) coach takes smelling salts before a preseason game? The same one who once asked his wife “you good?” right after childbirth before heading to a meeting with Peyton Manning (who, by the way, was shocked coach was there). The first-year New York Jets head coach, Adam Gase, has been keeping everyone guessing what’s next, including if he can turn this franchise that had a 4-12 record last season around. HENCE THE SMELLING SALTS

Coaches’ corner

We’re in the midst of the Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru (an Olympic-style athletic competition for athletes all across the Americas). It was a rough ending for the Argentinian women’s basketball team who showed up in the wrong uniforms, were given 15 minutes to change (they couldn’t) so they had to forfeit and were eliminated from the competition for gold. NOT A FAIRYTALE ENDING


What to watch

Long gone are the days of the star-studded “Dream Team” of U.S. Men’s Olympic Basketball. Team U.S.A. has struggled the past few years to pull it together and they’re hoping tonight’s game in Las Vegas is the start of something good. But who is actually playing for Team U.S.A.? There’s no Michael Jordan but this team has potential to make things happen in Tokyo in 2020. DREAMS OF OLYMPIC GOLD