A Labor Of Love


Here’s to a day of BBQs, sunkissed cheeks and sporty chatter.



Put a drink in my hand,

The Last Night’s Game Team

College Football

Week one of college football did not disappoint. We saw a head coach with a staph infection lead his team from his hospital bed in the stadium, a mascot ring up an unsportsmanlike penalty and an iconic touchdown pass from a quarterback who is following in his father’s footsteps. In case you missed it, there’s still one more game tonight between Notre Dame and Louisville. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE



LeBron James (NBA – National Basketball Association) is known for sharing his love of tacos on Tuesdays on social media. Since he loves tasty treat so much, he filed a trademark for the term “Taco Tuesday.” There are at least 10 other active requests to trademark the term, but never say never. GUAC IS STILL EXTRA


Sideline stat

In college football, sometimes schools with big football programs pay smaller university football teams to play them in a home game so they can get an easy win. But it’s never a sure bet. Over the weekend, Georgia State not only made $950,000 to play at Tennessee, but they won. TAKE THE MONEY AND RUN


Coaches’ corner

Houston Astros (MLB – Major League Baseball) pitcher Justin Verlander defied “old age,” throwing the third no hitter of his career last night. (A no hitter is when the other team does not get a hit, but they can still get a walk/get on base). The 36-year-old husband of model Kate Upton joins a very small group in the history of the sport to accomplish this three times. SUPER DAD

What to watch

Over the weekend, #1 ranked tennis player Naomi Osaka defeated teenage sensation Coco Gauff at the U.S. Open. Osaka then showed that she was wise beyond her years, comforting an upset Gauff by singing her praise and then encouraging her to join in on an interview. SPORTSWOMANSHIP AT ITS FINEST