The Rundown: Weekend Preview Edition – Hotline Bling

Who doesn’t love the holiday season? It offers so many delightful things like a plethora of sports, family and Grandma’s apple pie. It also has its awkward moments such as election talk and rapper Drake wearing a shirt with your face on it.

Started from the bottom now we're here, 

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS - Speaking of apple pie, today’s tailgate treat is like your grandma’s apple pie but in a glass, with alcohol. We’re warming hearts and bellies everywhere. Recipe

NCAA Football (College)

  • About last night. The University of Louisville was sitting pretty at #5 in the college football rankings and their quarterback Lamar Jackson was the front runner in the Heisman Trophy race. Then last night happened. They were blown out by the University of Houston. Jackson all but had the Heisman locked up going into the game, but after his sub-par performance the field is wide open. Find out who’s still in contention for the Heisman
  • All aboard. ESPN’s College GameDay heads to an unlikely destination on Saturday - Kalamazoo, MI. There they will cover the undefeated Western Michigan Broncos as they take on the Buffalo Bulls. Western Michigan’s coach, 35-year-old P.J. Fleck, is one of the top emerging coaches in the nation. His “Row the Boat” mantra has taken his team from one of the worst in college football to an undefeated one this season.  

NASCAR (National Association of Stock Car Auto Racing)

  • Shake and bake. Sunday’s race is the final race of the season therefore the “Sprint Cup Champion” will be crowned. One of the four drivers in contention for the title, Jimmie Johnson, is looking to tie legends Dale Earnhardt, Sr. and Richard Petty with his seventh championship. 


  • Forever young. MLB announced its 2016 season MVPs yesterday. Kris Bryant from the Chicago Cubs and Mike Trout of the Los Angles Angels took home the prestigious award. Both of the MVPs are 25 years old or younger. Ahh remember those days?


  • Canadian rapper Drake is the global ambassador for the Toronto Raptors (NBA – National Basketball Association). During the season the team hosts a “Drake Night.” Drake took advantage of his namesake evening to share his affinity for ESPN reporter Doris Burke. He wore a shirt with her face on it that said “Women Crush Everyday” and then invited her over for dinner, alone. No word from Rihanna if she will chaperone.

Sideline stat

  • This is the last year Sprint will be the main sponsor of NASCAR, a partnership that began in 2008. Sprint paid between $50-$75 million a year for the right. NASCAR has yet to name a replacement and is seeking $100 million per year for 10 years. Will they take a check? 

Coaches’ corner

  • The Stanford University band has been banned from traveling to away games since May 2015 due to various violations (offensive acts, hazing and violations of alcohol and controlled substances to name a few). There was hope they would be eligible to travel to rival Cal this weekend to support their team with music, but alas the ban remains as not all issues have been resolved. This one time at band camp….