The Rundown: Weekend Preview Edition

It’s a one-track mind this weekend in sports with the the Super Bowl on Sunday. We’re your one-stop shop with everything from the anthem singer to the line so you can place your bets. We also included our favorite hummus recipe for your party.

Yep, we’re that good,

The LNG Team

Super Bowl 50

Game time

  • 3:30 pm (PST)/6:30 (EST)
  • (Pregame shows start at 9 am (EST) on NFL Network and 2 pm (EST) on CBS)


National Anthem

  • Lady Gaga


  • Coldplay and Beyoncé

Key players to watch

  • This game is really all about the quarterbacks but other key players (who were all selected for, but did not play in, the Pro Bowl) include:

Panthers - linebacker Luke Kuechly, running backs Jonathan Stewart and Mike Tolbert Denver - cornerbacks Chris Harris and Aqib Talib, and linebackers Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware

By the Numbers

  • The game is being played at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA - 50 miles from San Francisco
  • According to CNN, the face value of the cheapest ticket is $850. (USD)
  • Americans buy an estimated 8.6 televisions for the game.  
  • The age difference between the two starting quarterbacks, Peyton Manning (39) and Cam Newton (26) is the largest between starting quarterbacks in Super Bowl History. The difference is 13 years and 48 days.
  • During the game, Americans are estimated to consume:

NBA (National Basketball Association)  

  • Kick ‘em where it counts. San Antonio Spurs veteran Manu Ginobili will undergo what is delicately being described as “testicle surgery,” after taking a knee to that region. He’ll be out at least four weeks. You think?

NHL (National Hockey League)  

  • Penalty box. Calgary Flames defenseman Dennis Wideman has been suspended by NHL for 20 games for making contact with an official. Wideman stands to lose $564,516.20 in salary. (That’s 564 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels). For the record, Wideman was diagnosed with concussion from hit he took right before he struck the official. Wideman is appealing the ruling.

NFL (National Football League)

  • Guilty by association. Denver Broncos rookie safety Ryan Murphy sent back to Denver after being detained in part of a prostitution sting. Murphy was not charged and released on the scene. Indications are that it was Murphy’s brother, who was detained. Talk about the wrong place at the wrong time.
  • And the award goes to. The NFL MVP will be announced during the Honors Awards Ceremony on Saturday at 9 pm (EST) on CBS.  


  • If you’re looking for some additional game excitement, Carolina Panthers have a Spanish broadcast team that makes the games as exciting as a soccer game 

Sideline Stat

  • Carolina Panthers super fan and Golden State Warriors’ Stephen Curry scored 51 points in their win against Wizards (final score 134-121). He tied his career high and the franchise record with 11-three pointers.

Coaches’ corner

  • Carolina Panthers left tackle (which is a position on the offensive line, next to the center) is Michael Oher. Oher was the inspiration for the movie “The Blind Side,” starring Sandra Bullock.