The Rundown: Weekend Wrap Up - Brawls and Overalls Edition

In the movie industry this weekend featured the fashion and high class of the Cannes Film Festival. In the sports world, not so much. We cover the grit, the brawls and the sweet taste of victory in today’s Rundown.

Although we do look pretty good in a tuxedo,

The Last Night’s Game Team

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F1 Racing (Formula One)

  • Record setting. Max Verstappen, 18, won the Spanish Grand Prix becoming youngest driver to ever win. The real drama of the race came courtesy of the Mercedes team. Mercedes driver Nico Rosberg, who had won the previous four races, crashed on the first lap into his teammate Lewis Hamilton to knock them both out of the race. This didn’t help as the two drivers already had a contemptuous relationship. Oh to be a fly on the wall in their team meeting where they were lectured like misbehaving school boys.

MLB (Major League Baseball)

  • Put ‘em up. There was a bench clearing brawl between the Texas Rangers and Toronto Blue Jays on Sunday. There has been tension between the teams since the playoffs last year when Blue Jays’ Jose Bautista hit a go ahead home run (means his home run gave his team the lead) and taunted his opponents with an egregious bat flip afterward. Fast forward to yesterday’s game when Bautista slid into second base and into Rangers’ second baseman Rougned Odor. Odor didn’t take to kindly to the slide and punched Bautista in the face. Chaos ensued.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)

  • Finally! Matt Kenseth snapped his 17 race winless streak at Dover International Speedway. On a restart race leader Jimmie Johnson’s transmission failed leading to a huge 18 car crash which caused an unprecedented 11-minute stop in the race while crews cleaned up the carnage.  

NBA (National Basketball Association)

  • Slam dunk. Toronto Raptors beat Miami Heat in seven games to advance to the Eastern Conference finals against Cleveland Cavaliers. Game one of their best-of seven-series will be on Tuesday.
  • Here we go. Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City Thunder compete for the title of Western Conference Champions. Game one in a best-of-seven series is tonight at 9 pm (EST) on TNT.

PGA (Professional Golfers' Association)

  • Day-oh.  Jason Day (ranked #1) went “wire-to-wire” (i.e. he held the lead all four days of the tournament) to win the Players Championship.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

  • Sweet taste of victory. Cleveland's last sports championship was in 1964 but that streak is over. Cleveland native Stipe Miocic went into enemy territory in Brazil and won the heavyweight championship with a knockout of a Brazilian fighter, Fabricio Werdum, in front of 45,000 stunned fans. Miocic received support from the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), Browns (NFL) and Indians (MLB) for giving the city of Cleveland a taste of victory.  


  • Blue Jays' starting pitcher Marcus Stroman was out last season with a torn ACL. He used his time off from the game to finish up his sociology degree from Duke University. He walked in the graduation ceremony on Sunday, missing the bench clearing brawl at the game.

Sideline stat

  • $1.6 million - that’s how much was raised by Houston Texans’ J.J. Watt during his annual charity softball game. His teammate Vince Wilfork, who weighs 325 pounds, stole the show by wearing nothing but overalls. You can’t erase this image from your mind.   

Coaches’ Corner

  • The NBA draft lottery for the first draft pick is Tuesday night. The 14 teams that do not make it into the NBA playoffs go into a lottery to determine picks for draft.  The worse your record, the more balls you have in the Powerball-style lottery; therefore, the odds are in your favorite to get the top pick. The Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics have the highest likelihood (i.e. they had a terrible season) to receive the first draft pick. The NBA Draft is June 23rd. Want to read more? Click here.