The Rundown: Weekend Preview Edition - Kilt Not Included

We’ve got that Friday feeling and we’re donning our kilts in honor of the Open happening right now in Scotland.  It’s not quite to the level of the ESPYS red carpet glamour but it’ll do.

Scotch on the rocks,

The Last Night’s Game Team


  • James’ night. LeBron James cleaned up during Wednesday’s award show, winning three ESPYS for breaking Cleveland’s championship curse. James was also part of a powerful show opener alongside NBA players, Carmelo Anthony, Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul where they encouraged their fellow athletes (and viewers) to take the lead in bringing peace to their communities.
  • Red carpet glamour. As always, the fashion was on point, with low cut dresses and the tux with no socks look proving trendy. See all the fashion and share with us on Twitter who was your best and worst dressed. 
  • Always good for a laugh. In retirement, Peyton Manning has taken up writing letters to friends and family. Check out the hilarious video. 
  • Memorable. Craig Sager’s acceptance speech for the Jimmy V Award was heartwarming and inspiring. (See it here). Known for his zany courtside attire, he also brought his A game with his wild tux jacket and leopard print kicks.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)

  • Adding to his lead. Brad Keselowski looks to win his third race in a row this weekend in New Hampshire and extend his overall lead on the rest of the drivers in the standings.
  • Brain break. After crashing in previous races, Dale Earnhardt, Jr. will miss this weekend’s race due to concussion like symptoms. Earnhardt missed some drive time in 2012 with similar symptoms.


  • Kilt not included. The Open started yesterday and continues through Sunday in Scotland. American golfer Phil Mickelson, 46, holds the lead after the first round, coming within a missed putt of shooting the best round in history. For those of you who have insomnia, you can catch the play live on the Golf Channel. For the non-vampires, the Golf Channel will have complete round the clock coverage.  

Tour de France

  • Bike on. The Tour, which runs through the end of this month, continued today after the horrific attacks in Nice, France. With additional security, the international group of riders showed solidarity and united to honor the victims with a moment of silence at the beginning and the end of today's race. 


  • After the all-star break this week, the second half of the baseball season starts tonight. New to baseball or simply need some conversation starters for the office? Check out our four tips for baseball small talk to prepare you to talk shop with the best of them.  

Sideline stat

  • Celebrating it’s 20th year, The Evolution Championship Series (aka Evo) is taking place this weekend in Las Vegas. What the heck is Evo? More than 14,000 competitors from all corners of the globe will meet up to participate in the biggest fighting video game tournament in the world, Evo 2016. Gamers sign up to compete in one of nine fighting video games (think Mortal Combat and Street Fighter). Intrigued? Read more 

Coaches’ corner

  • For a brief moment it appeared we were going to "make America great again.” News broke yesterday that Heisman Trophy winner, former Denver Broncos quarterback and all around good guy Tim Tebow, was going to speak at the Republican National Convention. Unfortunately, our dreams of Tebow for president were destroyed when he released a video stating it was all just rumors. Guess we better take the campaign sign out of our yard.