The Rundown: Weekend Wrap Up Edition - Olympic Tensions Rise

The Summer Olympics are only 10 days away and things are heating up for Rio. By heating up we mean temperatures are rising as tensions build due to athlete kidnappings, doping scandals and threats of kangaroos.

We love marsupials,

The Last Night’s Game Team

Summer Olympics

  • D’oh-ping. The Olympic Committee has decided against a ban on all Russian athletes in the upcoming Summer Olympics, instead leaving it up to each individual global sports federation to decide who can compete. The action by the committee stemmed from allegations of a highly complicated state run doping scandal of all Russian Olympic athletes. The committee did determine that any Russian athlete who previously tested positive for a banned substance will not be able to compete in Rio. This is on top of the fact that the Russian track and field team was already banned earlier this year from competing in the Summer Olympics.
  • Home hospitality. Australia has announced their athletes will not stay in the Olympic Village but in a hotel for a few days while construction is finished. The Village is currently facing plumbing and electrical problems. A five-time Aussie Olympic athlete went as far to say, “I have never experienced a village in this state -- or lack of state -- of readiness at this point in time.”

Rio de Janeiro Mayor, Eduardo Paes, didn’t care for the relocation and said, "This is an incredible village, more beautiful and better than Sydney” (who hosted in 2000). He said he was tempted to put ‘a kangaroo jumping outside’ to make them happy. Burn.

  • I’ll take that. New Zealand Olympian Jason Lee joined the club of athletes robbed in Rio. The Kiwi was kidnapped by uniformed men and forced to withdrawal money from an ATM.  
  • Gold medal preview? The American men’s basketball team began their five game pre-Olympic exhibition series throughout the U.S. and total domination seemed to be theme. On Friday, they beat Argentina (111-74) and won big on Sunday over China (106-57).

MLB (Major League Baseball)

  • Making some alterations. The saying in sports is “Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good.” (We can’t help their grammar). Chicago White Sox star pitcher Chris Sale took that to heart. The White Sox were scheduled to wear 1976 throwback jerseys on Saturday. Sale, who was scheduled to start that day, thought the jerseys were uncomfortable and team was putting PR and profits above winning. In a mature move, during batting practice Sale went to the clubhouse and cut up everyone’s jerseys so they could not be worn. Management did not take kindly to his fashion redesign and Sale was sent home before the game started and the team suspended him for five games for violating team rules. 
  • Enshrined. Major League Baseball inducted their newest members of the Hall of Fame over the weekend. Seattle Mariners outfielder Ken Griffey Jr. and New York Mets catcher Mike Piazza were inducted to Cooperstown (where the Hall of Fame is located). Click here for more on their touching but funny speeches and photos of the festivities. 

F1 (Formula One Racing)

  • Hungry in Hungary. Driver Lewis Hamilton won big at the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend. His win propelled him into the lead in overall driver standings for the first time this year; taking the lead from Mercedes teammate Nico Rosberg.


  • Dancing with the stars. Former MLB pitcher Mark Mulder took home the win at the American Century Championship celebrity tournament this weekend. The ultimate trio of Justin Timberlake, Steph Curry (NBA) and Alfonso Ribeiro (Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel Air) gave fans a show when they broke out the ‘Carlton.’ 

Sideline stat

  • Britain’s Chris Froome has won the 2016 Tour de France for his third overall Le Tour win. Froome is the first back-to-back winner in almost 20 years. 

Coaches’ Corner

  • Why would a MLB pitcher throw such a fit about the uniform choice for a game? As a general rule of thumb, the starting pitcher picks the uniform that the team wears in the game. Since they’re such a key player in the game, they should be comfortable. Each team has a designated home jersey, away jersey and one or two alternate jerseys that are usually worn on Saturday or Sunday. As always there are exceptions, such as throwback nights.