The Rundown: Practice Makes Perfect

It’s Super Bowl week and we have you covered so you can tackle even the toughest conversation at your Super Bowl party. Remember practice makes perfect and if you’re the big game's halftime performer Lady Gaga, you’ve built a replica stage in your backyard to ensure that’s the case. 

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The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

  • Take that to the bank. The players on the AFC (American Football Conference) team are $61,000 richer after besting the NFC (National Football Conference) in surprisingly competitive Pro Bowl Game last night in Orlando, FL.
  • Let's get it started. Today kicks off Super Bowl week with “Opening Night,” formerly named “Media Day.” This year event will be held during a primetime TV slot and 12,000 fans will be in attendance to watch the media interview members of the Super Bowl teams. The Opening Night interviews are known to include wacky antics and questions. 
  • We love a good deal. Apparently Falcons and Patriots fans just paid their credit card bills from the holidays because Super Bowl ticket prices have dropped. The demand is so low that it’ll cost you around $2,000 to get into the stadium. (Experts predict the ticket prices will drop even further).

NHL (National Hockey League)

  • All-star victory. The Metropolitan Division Team beat the Pacific Division Team to win the $1 million prize in the All-Star Game tournament. The winning team was coached by hockey great Wayne Gretzky after the original coach called in sick.


  • Atta boy! In his first major tournament since returning from injury, Roger Federer, 35, defeated Rafael Nadal to claim the Australian Open title and his 18th major title.

X Games

  • Drive to succeed. Hailey Langland, 16, is barely old enough to drive a car but it was her drive that led her to land a trick that had never been accomplished before by a woman to take home a gold medal in the big air snowboarding competition. No doubt you’ll see Langland again when this event debuts in the Olympics next year.  


  • Girl group Fifth Harmony was set to perform the National Anthem before the NHL All-Star Game but they cancelled last minute due to illness. Courtney Daniels saved the day. Daniels is a member of the Los Angeles Kings Ice Crew and she performed the anthem with only 13 minutes notice.

Sideline stat

Coaches’ corner

  • What is a grand slam in tennis? Grand slam is a term used in baseball and in tennis, but they have two completely different meanings. There are four major tournaments in tennis (Wimbledon, Australian Open, U.S. Open and French Open). If you win all of those tournaments you’ve won a grand slam.