5 Things To Know About Game 7 Of The World Series


When the Pointer Sisters sang “I’m So Excited” we don’t think they were referencing game 7 of the World Series, but who cares because tonight’s game will be one of the most exciting sporting events you’ll ever see.


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Five Things To Know About Game 7 Of The World Series

How’d we get here? This record-breaking MLB (Major League Baseball) World Series has been back and forth the entire time. The Houston Astros had a chance to win it all last night but the Los Angeles Dodgers prevailed, winning in front of their home crowd. Tonight’s game is at Dodger Stadium. SCHEDULE


1. We haven’t always seen November baseball. When the 9/11 terror attacks delayed the baseball season by a week in 2001, that delay pushed the series into November for the first time ever.


2. TMobile is stepping up to the plate for hurricane relief. They have pledged $20,000 per World Series home run and $2 per #HR4HR tweet. The tweets along with the record breaking amount of home runs have racked up over $1 million for the relief efforts. It's not often you can make a difference while sitting on the couch watching TV.  


3. We don’t love to throw stats at you but yet another reason that tonight’s game isn’t the norm. There have only been 38 World Series game 7’s in the last 105 years of baseball.


4. Dodger Stadium is vintage according to stadium standards. The stadium, built in 1962, has never hosted a World Series game 7. No doubt the stars will be out tonight to cheer on their team. See who was there last night. PICS


5. Tonight’s starter for the Dodgers, Yu Darvish, will become the first Japanese-born pitcher to start game 7 of the World Series. Earlier this week, Darvish was the target of racist comments from an Astros player. READ MORE.


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