When Worlds Collide - 5 Sports Obsessed Musicians

They say dress for the job you want and in the case of these crooners that statement couldn’t be more accurate.


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When Worlds Collide - Five Sports Obsessed Musicians

1. Country singer Garth Brooks' 'Unanswered Prayers' of being a baseball player were fulfilled when he signed a minor league contract with the San Diego Padres (MLB – Major League Baseball). He participated in their spring training but didn’t make the team because he only had one hit. 


2. One might say rapper Drake is basketball obsessed. The Canadian is an ambassador for his Toronto Raptors (NBA – National Basketball Association) and has an affinity for Kentucky Wildcats (college) basketball. He has been announced alongside the team and participated pregame warm ups in full uniform. Then there’s his basketball lint roller scandal.


3. As if we need more proof that he’s talented, singer/actor Justin Timberlake is an avid golfer, participating in a plethora of charity tournaments throughout the year. His love for sports is as diverse as his resume. The 'LoveStoned' singer is part owner of the Memphis Grizzlies (NBA) and is performing during the Super Bowl halftime in February.


4. One could argue that there’s no bigger Chicago Cubs (MLB) fan than Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder. The diehard fan enjoyed the Cubs' World Series win as much as the team, spraying celebratory champagne in the locker room and hosting the team at his home for a World Series victory party and of course a jam session.  


5. Always seeking ways to grow his portfolio, JAY Z bought into the New Jersey Nets (NBA), only to sell his ownership shares (for the second highest price in NBA history) to start a sports marketing agency. Roc Nation is a marketing and promotional company that represents top notch athletes such as Dez Bryant (NFL – National Football League), Kevin Durant (NBA) and Robinson Cano (MLB).


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