Talk That Talk

Sports talk = preventing awkward silences all weekend long. It’s the least we can do since we can’t help your dance moves.


Don't break a hip,

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS – In honor of this weekend’s game in Mexico City, today’s Tailgate Treat will quench your thirst.

NFL (National Football League)

Mile high club. Tom Brady and his New England Patriots head to Mexico City to play the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. The toughest part for these two teams isn’t all of the tequila they’ll drink, it’s that Azteca Stadium sits at 7,280 feet above sea level. To train for the game the Patriots opted to stay in Denver after playing the Broncos to adjust their elevation (approx. 5,280 feet). The Raiders opted to train in Oakland.


NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing)

Wrapping it up. The NASCAR season comes to a close this Sunday. If you’re ever going to watch a race, this is it. There will be a field full of drivers but only four of them will be eligible for the championship title. The highest-ranking finisher of those four will take home the trophy. This will also be Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s final race before he cruises into retirement.  



Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. A UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter has been charged with assault after throwing a boomerang at another fighter while in Australia. The incident stemmed from one fighter insulting the other’s heritage. Right back at ya.


Sideline stat

MLB’s (Major League Baseball) MVPs come in all shapes and sizes. Yesterday 6’6” Giancarlo Stanton of the Miami Marlins, who smashed the home run record, won the National League honor. The small but mighty, 5’6” Jose Altuve from the World Series Champion Houston Astros took home the American League MVP title.


Coaches’ corner

Head coach Nick Saban and his Alabama team are back at the top of the College Football Playoff rankings this week. Besides his team, what else is top of mind for Saban this week? His distaste for distressed jeans. See his passionate yet funny rant here