The Times They Are A-Changin'

This weekend brought us a time change, another Diddy/Puff Daddy name change (call him Brother Love) and athletes wanting to make a change.


Bringing you the latest, greatest, but not always the sanest, 

The Last Night’s Game Team

NFL (National Football League)

We salute you. In honor of the U.S. Military, teams were on trend yesterday in camo accented uniforms. As part of the NFL’s Salute to Service week, for every tweet with the hashtag #SalutetoService, the NFL will donate $5 to select military nonprofits. You have until Saturday so get tweeting for a good cause.


Use your head. There was a big UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight on Saturday night and apparently NFL players decided to emulate their actions. There were three different brawls during yesterday’s games. Note to self, fighting against guys in helmets while not wearing yours is not a smart move. SEE IT HERE



From winning the World Series on Wednesday to marrying supermodel Kate Upton in Italy on Saturday, Houston Astros pitcher (Major League Baseball) Justin Verlander has had one epic week. WEDDING PICS


Sideline stat

Yesterday’s NYC Marathon saw American Shalane Flanagan take home the win for the women at an impressive time of 2 hours, 26 minutes, 53 seconds. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, she’s also the first woman American in 40 years to win the race. To think, we felt accomplished getting out of our pajamas by noon. 


Coaches’ corner

It was the annual Las Vegas Shriners Open golf tournament this weekend. While he didn’t win it all, the real star was UNLV (University of Nevada – Las Vegas) graduate and Vegas resident Charlie Hoffman. Hoffman donated 100% of his 18th place earnings to the victims of the Vegas shootings, roughly $56,000. #VegasStrong


PS - What is targeting? How does the NFL pick which teams play each other in a season? Curious questions like that are what motivated us to start Last Night’s Game and we want to answer them for you. Send us your burning questions to be answered during our question of the week.