So Long 2017

While the ball drops in Times Square, don’t drop the ball in your party chatter. Keep the conversation going with today’s weekend preview.


3, 2, 1….

The Last Night’s Game Team


PS- Today's Tailgate Treat is worth celebrating. Besides your New Year's resolutions don't start until Monday.

Athletes of the year

When your idea of a swim is floating around with a cocktail on a raft. Olympic swimmer Katie Ledecky swam her way to the medal stand at the Olympics but this year the Stanford sophomore dominated the Swimming World Championships, winning five gold medals and the title of 2017 AP (Associated Press) female athlete of the year. Houston Astros’ (MLB - Major League Baseball) Jose Altuve was named the male athlete of the year for leading his team to its first World Series title. MORE


NFL (National Football League)

For your friend who believes in participation trophies. It’s the last week of regular season football in the NFL and the Cleveland Browns are still winless. They have one more chance to redeem their season but it’s not looking good as they face the first place Pittsburgh Steelers. There’s always a silver lining. The fan who is planning a big parade to celebrate the team’s perfect losing season is ready to rock.



The end of the year is looming. Queue the year-end lists and this one is the top athletes searched on Google. Think you know who everyone was curious about this year? We’ll give you hint, numero uno has a mean right hook. LIST


Sideline stat

Would you accept your entire paycheck in Bitcoin? A Danish hockey player has become the first pro athlete to be paid their entire salary in the cryptocurrency. Better than your grandma Venmo-ing you $2 for your holiday gift.


Coaches’ corner

The average salary for an MLB player topped $4 million for the first time. When you get home tonight you might want to play a game of catch with your kids because, let’s be honest, there’s no hope for you to strike it rich in the big leagues.


Stay tuned for a special New Year’s Day edition, featuring all you need to know about the two biggest college football games so far this season, the National Championship Playoff games, being played on Monday. Kicking off 2018 right.