The Rundown: Don't Say We Didn't Warn You

Rise and shine! Your pal Monday is back in full effect.


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The Last Night’s Game Team


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NFL (National Football League)

  • Premature jinx? The New England Patriots won their fifth Super Bowl last week. This week they filed to trademark the phrase “Blitz for Six” in anticipation of contending for their sixth Super Bowl next season.

PGA (Professional Golfers Association)

  • Jordan Spieth won this weekend’s tournament at Pebble Beach. This is Spieth’s ninth career win on the PGA Tour, becoming the youngest golfer to reach that achievement since Tiger Woods. Spieth was in the news last week for calling professional autograph seekers “scum.” They’re really going to want his autograph now.


  • The German Fed Cup team is fed up. The USTA (U.S. Tennis Association) is asking for forgiveness because instead of using the current version of the German National Anthem prior to a competition this weekend, they used the Nazi-era version. It could be the biggest anthem scandal since Garth Brooks.

Sideline stat

  • Former NFL player Tim Tebow and his foundation simultaneously hosted 375 proms in 11 countries and in all 50 states on Friday night for 75,000 special needs guests ages 14 and older. Good guys do exist.

Coaches’ corner

  • Texas is considering its own version of the “bathroom bill” and the NFL reminded the state that, if passed it could have far-reaching implications on future Super Bowls. The NFL is serious about remaining inclusive. They moved the 1993 Super Bowl from Arizona when the state had not passed a law recognizing the birthday of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. as a holiday and wouldn’t hesitate to do the same to Texas.


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