The Rundown: 5 Things to Know About the NBA All-Star Game

It might be another weekend until the stars come out for the Oscars, but the NBA All-Stars take the stage this weekend. We encourage you to talk about sports today instead of oversharing about your fabulous Valentine’s Day night.

We don’t need to know,

The Last Night’s Game

Five things to know about the NBA All-Star Game

  1. The game, which is Sunday afternoon, was originally scheduled for Charlotte, NC, but was moved to New Orleans due to HB2, the Bathroom Bill. The NBA (National Basketball Association) said peace out to exclusion and yes to inclusion.  
  2. Saturday night features some of the biggest excitement of the weekend, the skills competitions. The contest include the always competitive three-point competition, slam dunk contest and the Taco Bell Skills Challenge, an obstacle course of various basketball skills.
  3. The honor of being chosen as a starter for each all-star team (Eastern Conference vs Western Conference) is awarded through a 50% fan vote, 25% media vote and a 25% player vote.
  4. In the past, shoe fans have looked forward to Nike’s release of special all-star edition shoes. This year Nike’s players will instead wear shoes from their Black History Month collection.
  5. The all-star game winners will pad their pockets with an extra $50,000 for winning. The losers will receive a $25,000 bonus, $50,000 to the three-point competition winner and $100,000 to the slam dunk contest winner.


  • The Westminster Dog Show is underway and Monday brought us the champ that stole everyone’s hearts for her sass. During the competition, Mia the defiant beagle ignored her owner, stopped to check out the crowd and then did a smell check on her nether regions. She won't win best in show but we still love her anyway.

Sideline stat

  • The UCONN (University of Connecticut) Huskies women’s basketball team pulled off a feat not accomplished by a team in modern history. The Huskies won their 100th game in a row. The team hasn't lost a game since November 2014. 

Coaches’ Corner

  • You may have thought that New England Patriots' quarterback Tom Brady’s crowning achievement in life was when he won his record fifth Super Bowl, married supermodel Gisele or had children. Well you’re wrong. The Atlanta Zoo announced they named a cockroach after him. The Atlanta Falcons lost to the Patriots in the Super Bowl. Bitter much?