The Rundown: 5 Things To Know About The World Baseball Classic

Break out your Team U.S.A. shirt because the World Baseball Classic is here and it features Olympic-like excitement.


There will be peanuts and Cracker Jacks,

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Five Things to Know About the World Baseball Classic

  • The World Baseball Classic (WBC) consists of teams from all over the world playing in a global baseball tournament. The tournament essentially acts as a replacement for the Olympics since baseball was dropped in 2012. There are 16 countries represented in the tournament, which runs March 6 – 22.
  • Major League Baseball (MLB) found a new revenue stream with the Classic, which takes place every four years in March during spring training for MLB teams. (Spring training is the period where teams prepare for the upcoming season).
  • Players do not have to play in MLB to participate but they must have been born in or have one parent born in the country they’re representing. Due to the grueling 162 game MLB season, many of the top players for Team U.S.A. have opted not to play.
  • Israel is fast becoming the Cinderella team of the tournament, beating teams ranked much higher than them. The team has been wearing shirts proclaiming themselves as the “Jew Crew” and their mascot is “Mensch on the Bench.” (You might remember the doll came on the market as a take on Elf on the Shelf). During their national anthem the team removes their caps but still don yarmulkes.
  • Japan has taken home two WBC Championships and the Dominican Republic has claimed one.


  • This Sunday is Selection Sunday, the big day where the NCAA March Madness bracket is released. Be the first to sign up to play in our March Madness Bracket Challenge. This is a no pressure challenge, novices are encouraged. Did we mention there are prizes?

Sideline stat

  • New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is still a specimen of health after 17 seasons in the NFL (National Football League). He attributes that to his diet and now you can eat like the Super Bowl MVP with his new plant-based meal delivery company. For $78 a week, you can have Brady-like meals delivered to your door. Gisele would approve. 

Coaches’ corner

  • NFL free agency begins on Thursday at 4 pm. This is a chance for the free agents (i.e. players without a commitment to a team/players who are “in between jobs”) to sign with a new team. Why such a specific time? That’s when the NFL year officially starts (kind of like their own their fiscal year) and players can be released from their teams and picked up by other teams. Curious which free agents are going where? Click here.