The Rundown: Speed Demon

A new record was set this weekend - 4.22 seconds. We investigated what else happens in less than five seconds? Well, McDonald's sells 365 burgers, 205,000 Facebook posts are posted and 21 babies are born.  

It happens in a flash, 
The Last Night's Game Team


  • All rise. U.S.A. soccer has adopted a new policy stating that players must stand for the national anthem. Some players previously took a knee during the song to protest social injustice.

MLB (Major League Baseball)

  • Global games. The World Baseball Classic started this morning with Israel taking on Korea in Seoul, South Korea. The Classic is essentially the Olympics for baseball. Teams representing their respective countries compete every four years. Stay tuned for more on the World Baseball Classic in Wednesday’s Five Things to Know.

NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing)

  • Slow down speedy. In the second race of the season, Kevin Harvick led the majority of the race but was penalized for speeding on pit row (that’s where the cars receive new tires, gas and/or quick maintenance). The added time from the penalty caused Harvick to lose to Brad Keselowski.


  • If you thought the Kardashians had family drama, wait until you hear this story. Jim Buss was the owner of the Los Angeles Lakers until he died and then the team went his kids. Daughter Jeanie Buss fired her brother Jim as the team’s head of basketball operations two weeks ago. Her two brothers then called a meeting to elect a new board of directors that didn’t include Jeanie. A restraining order followed. Something tells us this is just heating up.

Sideline stat

  • At the NFL (National Football League) Combine John Ross from Washington broke the 40-yard dash record, which stood for nine years, running it in 4.22 seconds. Although, Ross missed out on the option of a private island or a $1 million prize offered by Adidas because he was wearing Nike cleats. No island for you. (Missed out on what the NFL Combine is? Here’s our Five Things to Know).

Coaches’ corner

  • There is no police radar gun in NASCAR and the cars do not have speedometers. So how do the authorities know how fast the car is going to hand out a speeding penalty? Speed is determined by sensors that calculate how fast the car moves through zones.