The Rundown: Move It Monday

It may be Monday but it’s the first Monday after Memorial Day which means…you can finally wear white.


Just avoid the tomato sauce,

The Last Night’s Game

MLB (Major League Baseball)

  • Oh what a night. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim’s Albert Pujols became the ninth player in MLB history to eclipse 600 home runs in his career. Oh, and that 600th home run was actually a grand slam. Even better? The Angels’ fan who caught the 600th home run ball could’ve sold it for a lot of money, but he very kindly gave it back to Pujols.

NBA (National Basketball Association)


  • Ole! Real Madrid (Spain) won its second consecutive Champions League (think Super Bowl for European Club soccer teams). Cristiano Ronaldo not only mesmerized Juventus (an Italian team) with his great hair but his ball skills, scoring two goals to lead his team to the coveted title.


Sideline stat

  • Just when you felt accomplished about penciling in one workout this weekend, we bring you 94-year-old Harriette Thompson. Thompson became the oldest woman to complete a half marathon yesterday. At 92 she broke the record as the oldest woman to complete a marathon.

Coaches’ Corner

  • There were a record setting seven grand slams hit across in MLB games on Saturday night. (A grand slam is when a player hits a home run with the bases loaded). There’s a chance Papa John’s may be rethinking its #papaslam promo that gives fans 40% off pizzas the next day. Pepperoni overload.