The Rundown: Sunshine and Summertime

Summer days are upon us and that means setting up poolside, frozen drinks and naps on the couch while watching sports. Although the true talent is doing all three at the same time.


Have we met?

The Last Night’s Game Team  

NFL (National Football League)

  • Coincidence? Two days after a study was released that CTE was present in 99% of the brains of former NFL players, the Baltimore Ravens' John Urschel, 26, announced his retirement. Don’t worry, he has a backup plan. He’s currently a Ph.D. candidate in mathematics at MIT. You may also recognize his mathlete abilities from a headphone commercial where he schools fellow player JJ Watt. That’s a noggin full of knowledge to protect.


  • Because you’re worth it. “El Classico” is a rivalry game between some of soccer’s most popular teams, Barcelona and Real Madrid. The teams will bring their rivalry from Spain to Miami on Saturday night. No word if Real Madrid’s biggest star, Cristiano Ronaldo, will be playing but the Miami Dolphins owner has a private plane on standby just in case.
  • Victory! The U.S. Men’s National Team beat Jamaica in the Gold Cup finals on Wednesday night. This is puts them one step closer to their bid for the World Cup.

UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship)

  • Battle for the belt. Similar to a black Friday sale, a coveted belt is on the line. Champion Daniel Cormier will take on longtime rival, former champion Jon Jones this weekend. In 2014, they couldn’t wait to get to the octagon and resorted to blows in a Vegas hotel lobby.  


  • What would a Friday be without puppies? Animal Planet announced it will be airing the Dog Bowl event as part of Road to Puppy Bowl XIV. The Puppy Bowl, featuring dogs from shelters, is synonymous with the Super Bowl. The shelters that the network works with wanted to showcase adoptable older dogs that often get overlooked in favor of a puppy. Age before beauty b#tches.

Sideline stat

  • Texas Rangers’ (MLB – Major League Baseball) Adrian Beltre is only four hits shy of 3,000 career hits, a feat only 31 players in baseball have ever accomplished. He looks to join the exclusive club this weekend in his home stadium.

Coaches’ corner

  • It is customary in baseball to tap your teammate on the head or slap their helmet when they do something good. (Because why not)? Adrian Beltre hates this tradition but something tells us him teammates will forego his wrath and do it anyway when he reaches his historic milestone (see above). It's all about tradition right?