For All The Marbles

After last night's momentous Golden Globe Awards, we're headed toward another exciting evening tonight. The College Football National Championship Game is this evening featuring Alabama vs. Georgia with Grammy winner Kendrick Lamar at halftime. Let’s talk about that and a few other things so you can complete the watercooler talk. was your weekend,

The Last Night’s Game Team


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College football 

If you agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Nick Saban, head coach of Alabama Crimson Tide, agrees with you. He starts his day with two Little Debbie oatmeal cookies. There’s oatmeal in them so that counts right?

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Sideline stat

After being the voice of Monday Night Football, former NFL (National Football League) coach Jon Gruden is heading back to the sidelines and he’s getting paid handsomely to make the move. He’s been off the field for nine years but the Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders are giving him the largest contract in NFL history, $100 million for 10 years.



Philadelphia Flyers captain Claude Giroux may have had the goal of the year. He scored a goal after the puck bounced off an opposing player’s butt. Somewhere Sir Mix-A-Lot is smiling.


Coaches’ corner

It was a wild weekend in the wild card playoff games in NFL. Tennessee Titans quarterback did something no else has done in NFL playoff history, he threw a touchdown to himself during his team’s epic comeback to beat the Kansas City Chiefs. PLAYOFF RECAP