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The Last Night’s Game Team   

MLB (Major League Baseball)

When you’re on top of the world. The Boston Red Sox are World Champions. The Red Sox defeated the Dodgers last night to win the World Series. After going through an 86-year drought, they are the only team to win four championships in the 21st century. The MVP of the series is 35-year-old Steve Pearce. In his 12 major league seasons, Pearce has played for seven different teams without ever making an all-star team. This was his time to shine. WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND



Florida State University set a record on Saturday - its worse home loss in school history. Their fans became desperate for entertainment, with one, an FSU professor, turning to a shirtless tan in the bleachers while reading a novel. Unbeknownst to him, he captured the attention of the TV cameras and Twitter. THAT’S QUITE A LOOK


Sideline stat

The Jacksonville Jaguars (NFL – National Football Association) were in London to play in one of the league’s international games. While there, four Jags players were arrested for not paying their bar tab. Seems extreme but it was a $64,000 bar tab. Don't worry, they made bail but the Jags lost their game against the Philadelphia Eagles. KARMA'S A B*TCH


Coaches’ corner

Driver Lewis Hamilton took home yet another F1 (Formula One) season championship, proving to his sponsors that he’s worth it. His sponsors, which include Monster Energy and Tommy Hilfiger, spent a cumulative $143 million this year to have their logos featured on his race suit. FANCY PANTS