Haters Gonna Hate – 5 Of The Most Unexpected Rivalries In Sports

Whether you’re a teammate, a divisional foe or you simply hate everyone, these rivalries run deep.


Bring it on,

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1. They may be two of the best of all time but New England Patriots (NFL – National Football League) quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have been in a power struggle over the past 18 years together over who knows best. Or maybe it’s because coach is really simply jealous of his quarterback’s style? (Belichick is known for his signature sweatshirt with cutoff sleeves). NO RELATIONSHIP IS PERFECT

2. They may have played together on the first Olympic dream team but basketball legends Larry Bird and Magic Johnson’s rivalry dated all the way back to college. They were constantly compared to each other during their careers but the rivalry culminated with a Converse commercial and sale of a “Magic” shoe vs. a “Bird” shoe. This career long beef was even depicted in the Broadway show Magic/Bird. SHOW TUNES & SHOE SALES 

3. The first rule of being on the Texas Rangers (MLB – Major League Baseball)? Don’t touch veteran Adrian Beltre’s head. Baseball players are known for butt taps and patting each other on the head for a job well done, but everyone in the league knows that Beltre’s noggin is off limits. BRAINS VS BRAWN

4. Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Jalen Ramsey is just a bitter Betty. Not only does he spend his time slamming other NFL players and mocking their talent (or perceived lack thereof), he’s gone as far as going after hockey players. In his trash talk, he insulted NHL (National Hockey League) players everywhere when he said he could make an NHL team in six months, even though he has never been on skates.  A SMALL TECHNICAL DIFFICULTY

5. They play the same sport and are both in the top five on the Forbes list of highest paid athletes but that’s where the similarities end. Soccer’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have long had a contentious relationship. It’s no doubt they drive each other to be better but you can’t be fans of both. So it depends, do you like your athlete quiet and humble (Messi) or a flashy and boisterous (Ronaldo)? DRAWING THE LINE IN THE SAND


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