Back With A Vengeance

Break out the caffeine because Monday is back.


Show today who’s the boss,

The Last Night’s Game Team


Celebratory cheese curds. We’re in the midst of the MLB playoffs and something is brewing in Wisconsin. The Milwaukee Brewers proved to be too tough for the Colorado Rockies; sweeping them to head into the next round of the playoffs. There are still plenty of teams in the race. PICK YOUR PONY


One Houston Astros (MLB) fan learned the hard way never to bet against your own team. After a home run by the Astros’ Jose Altuve, the fan made a bet with his section that if the next Astros player at the plate hit a home run, he’d buy beer for the whole section. Well as you can imagine, the Astros prevailed and this fan learned a $500 lesson. DILLY DILLY


What is 329 pounds and can run like the wind? Okay maybe it's more like a light breeze. That’s Minnesota Vikings’ (NFL) Linval Joseph. The big defensive lineman found himself on the other end of an interception in yesterday’s game and ran the ball back for a 64-yard touchdown. Call us impressed. IT’S LIKE TRYING TO STOP A TRAIN


No surprise that there was drama in the highly anticipated UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fight on Saturday night. Conor McGregor lost by submission to Russian Khabib Nurmagomedov (reminder – he is the fighter who trains by wrestling live bears). Chaos ensued after the fight when Nurmagomedov decided to jump out of the octagon and go after a McGregor teammate. ONE WIN WASN’T ENOUGH

What does it mean to lose by submission? It’s when the fighter throws in the towel by tapping out or saying they’re done to avoid injury or passing out from a hold. HE WAS A SLEEPY BEAR