If I Could Turn Back Time

As the clocks fall back this weekend, fall into great conversation with today’s weekend preview.

Is it time for happy hour yet?

The Last Night’s Game Team

PS: Today's Tailgate Treat features a timeless classic - cheese. QUESO PLEASE

New York City Marathon

The New York City Marathon is Sunday morning and 50,000 runners are carbing up right now to run the streets of New York. It wasn’t until the mid-70s that they allowed women to run in the race. The then-governing body used “science” to keep women off the starting line by stating that running more than a few miles caused infertility. Catch that and more interesting facts about the marathon in our 5 things to know. NOW YOU KNOW


UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter Derrick Lewis is stepping into the octagon on Saturday for the heavyweight championship at Madison Square Garden. If he wins, fans in Texas will be stepping into some free chicken at Popeyes. And if Lewis wins, Popeyes will give him free chicken for life. FIGHTING FOR FOWL


Sideline stat

For the first time this season, the College Football Playoff rankings have been released. These numbers determine which teams make it into the playoffs with a chance for a national championship. And frankly the rankings are one of the only things college football fans will talk about from here until December. Alabama (ranked #1) plays LSU (#3 – Louisiana State University) on Saturday. It’s such a big game that the crew from ESPN’s College Gameday will be there too. BATTLE IN THE BAYOU

Coaches’ corner

Basketball legend Michael Jordan usually avoids the spotlight but made a rare appearance to discuss who is the greatest of all time. Everyone was excited as Jordan seemed to allude to a matchup with LeBron James, but instead he discussed the Sunday night face-off between the Green Bay Packers’ Aaron Rodgers (NFL – National Football League) and the New England Patriots’ Tom Brady. WHAT A TEASE