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What like it’s hard?

The Last Night’s Game Team

College football

When the military academies play each other in football, it’s a long-standing tradition to steal the other team’s mascot. Army and Navy have done this for years but no one has previously been able to capture the Air Force falcon. Well this year the tradition went awry when two Army cadets abducted the Air Force falcon, leaving it injured. Luckily, Aurora the falcon is expected to make a full recovery. SOMEONE’S IN TROUBLE NOW



There are 20,000 Snickers fueling the Dallas Cowboys’ Tank Lawrence (NFL - National Football League) in tonight’s Monday Night Football game. He’ll be wearing special Snickers branded cleats and if he records a sack in the game, the candy brand will donate 20,000 Snickers Sacks to service members as part of the Operation Gratitude initiative. SNACKS FOR SACKS

Sideline stat

It was a beautiful day for the NYC Marathon yesterday and an even better day for Daniel Romanchuk. With his win, he claimed two titles, the youngest racer to ever win the wheelchair race and the first U.S. man to do so. SUNDAY FUNDAY 


Coaches’ corner

When you’re a bust who was busted. The Oakland Raiders (NFL) former quarterback JaMarcus Russell was having a rough season and now we know why. The team had a hunch Russell wasn’t preparing for the games so they provided him with blank tapes of “game film” to see if he actually watched them. He didn’t but lied and said he did. Shockingly, he’s no longer with the team. THE MORE YOU KNOW


What to watch

Yesterday the Seattle Seahawks (NFL) made things happen on the field but really brought their A game when it came to their touchdown celebration. Their in sync moves are something that should be watched on repeat and celebrated. BREAKING IT DOWN