It’s A Slam Dunk – 5 Things To Know About The 2018-19 College Basketball Season

Is it too soon to make plans for March? Not for St. Paddy’s Day but for the March Madness tournament. That’s what university teams around the country are doing as the college basketball season starts this week.

Hoop dreams,

The Last Night’s Game Team  


1. While coaches are making up plays on the sideline, the media is making up words. The Duke University recruiting class features an all-time high of potential. The starting five players have been dubbed the “Fabbest Five,” with their coach encouraging them to be as “tough as their mothers.” BUT WITHOUT THE MOM JEANS

2. It’s not all about basketball. As part of a new rule, the NCAA (the governing body for college sports) built in three mandatory days off around the holidays so players can go home and spend time with their families. WELL ROUNDED

3. For the first time, when a college player declares their candidacy for the NBA (National Basketball Association) draft, they can now go back to the university team if they go undrafted. THE ROAD LESS TRAVELED

4. You may remember the massive FBI scandal from last season but here's a refresher. The NCAA wasn’t capable of stopping illegal payments for universities to top recruits so the FBI stepped in to lay the smack down. Some of the coaches involved have pled guilty, but others are still waiting for the wrath of the court.  SALACIOUS SPORTS

5. Villanova is defending their men's championship as they head into the new season. On the women’s side, Notre Dame is not only ranked number one before the season starts but they’re fighting to defend their championship from last season. BIG WINNERS


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