Calling In Reinforcements

A lot happened in the sports world over the weekend and after reading, we can assure you that you’ll be able to command the conversation.


Seriously sporty,

The Last Night’s Game Team 


The top four teams in college football were selected yesterday and people are still arguing over the choices. Alabama (#1) will play Oklahoma (#4) and Clemson (#2) will take on Notre Dame (#3) on December 29 with the winners playing in the National Championship (think: the Super Bowl of college football) game on January 7. Neither Ohio State nor Georgia were chosen for the fourth spot and people are up in arms about it

The teams for all the bowl games have been selected. (Cheez-It Bowl anyone)? See which teams are playing in your neck of the woods. SCHEDULE


After a slam dunk fueled feud between Giannis Antetokounmpo and Mario Hezonja, Antetokounmpo (NBA - National Basketball Association) took the high road. Or not. He threatened to “punch him (Hezonja) in the nuts next time.” LOW BLOW



On Friday, our nation lost #41 - former president George H.W. Bush. He lived a magnificent life not only as president but as a lifelong baseball fanatic. In college, he was the captain of the Yale baseball team and led them to two College World Series (they never won). He kept his college baseball glove in his desk drawer and used it to throw out the first pitch in 1989 at a Baltimore Orioles (MLB - Major League Baseball) game. The 94-year-old also frequented Texas Rangers and Houston Astros games. FAREWELL 41


Over the weekend, a video surfaced of a February incident involving Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt hitting and kicking a woman. The team released the troubled running back saying he was “not truthful” about the incident. Hunt granted an exclusive interview to ESPN in hopes to clear his name, stating that what he did was wrong. The NFL is investigating. NOT OKAY


This weekend’s conference championships were as exciting as anticipated. In a case of changing of the guard, Alabama’s current quarterback Tua Tagovailoa took over for then starting quarterback Jalen Hurts in last year’s national championship game. Tagovailoa killed it and became the starter this year. In an ironic turn of events, on the same field they traded places last year, Hurts replaced Tagovailoa when he came out of Saturday’s game with an injury. Hurts gave his team the lead and eventually the win. AND HE MADE HIS COACH CRY