The Envelope Please

Your reward for making it to Friday? Oscar award winning conversation starters.


It's just an honor to be nominated,

The Last Night’s Game Team

NBA (National Basketball Association)

When you know you’re not getting your security deposit back. Golden State Warriors’ Steph Curry has won two league MVP awards but his golf game might need a little work. He was practicing his swing inside his hotel room which resulted in broken glass everywhere. Guess he’s the reason they charge for incidentals when checking in.


If all you need in life is the perfect cheer. NBA legend Charles Barkley is hosting Saturday Night Live this week. This is Barkley’s fourth time hosting the show and you can expect some parodies around his famous “I am not a role model” quote. Let’s see if he can one up the best athlete skit ever - Peyton Manning as a United Way youth volunteer.



A balmy 50 degrees is like summer weather if you’re a NHL (National Hockey League) fan. The largest crowd ever at the Naval Academy is expected to brave the weather to catch the Toronto Maple Leafs and Washington Capitals play outdoors in Annapolis, MD.


Sideline stat

Whoever said 50 years old was over the hill was full of crap. Meet George Corones the 99-year-old Australian swimmer who broke the record for the 50m swim for his age category by a whole 35 seconds. Somewhere Michael Phelps is envisioning his comeback. 


Coaches’ corner

Not really into sports but love Hollywood? The two worlds collide at the Oscars, which are this Sunday. Former NBA player Kobe Bryant is nominated for his animated short Dear Basketball. Check out our Top Five Oscar Winning Sports Movies so you can be a part of the conversation or at least have an excuse to watch movies all weekend.