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The Last Night’s Game Team

College Basketball

You’ll never forget your sweet sixteen. To say it’s been a wild weekend of upsets and bracket busting last second victories is an understatement. We saw two number one teams get bounced from the tournament, the underdog Nevada coach become so excited after their big win that he ripped off his shirt (awkward) and 98-year-old Sister Jean’s Loyola-Chicago team is still playing, thanks to her extra prayers and motivation. Her encouragement might end here as she has her team losing next weekend in the sweet sixteen in her own bracket.


Check your dumpster fire of a bracket here. (Ours is a hot mess too).


PGA (Professional Golfers Association)

When you wish the haters would just fade away. Rory McIlroy agrees with you. After winning this weekend’s tournament named after golf legend (and creator of the iconic non-alcoholic drink), Arnold Palmer, McIlroy spoke out saying he’d like to see a limit on alcohol sales to combat the hecklers on the course. He said it’s getting out of hand. Unlike Happy Gilmore, he’s trying to hit the haters where it hurts, in their livers.



The movie “The Sandlot” turns 25 this year and the Milwaukee Brewers (MLB – Major League Baseball) decided to reenact their favorite scene of the movie, costumes and all. Besides the acting, the best part is the reveal of “The Beast.” You’re killing me smalls.


Sideline stat

Zero – the number of perfect brackets left after Friday night. UMBC (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) shocked the world as the first #16 seeded team to ever beat a #1 team, hence the lack of perfect brackets. Your bracket may not be a winner but because of the upset, everyone will receive free pizza for lunch at Little Caesars on April 2nd. If that’s not enough you can get your morning laugh catching up with the sassy UMBC twitter account that has fought off cynics all weekend. (For the record, UMBC lost last night in the second round).


Coaches’ corner

The Paralympics have come to a close but the last day was highlighted by a big win by the U.S. Sled Hockey Team that took home their third consecutive gold. Overall, it was the best performance for Team U.S.A. in 16 years, winning 36 medals, with 9 of those medals going to military veterans.