5 Things To Know About The Global Phenomenon Of Formula One Racing

Why care about a sport that you may have never heard of? A few reasons: 1. Summer travels are upon us and if you’re traveling to Europe or even to Austin, this is a sport they’ll be talking about. 2. It’s the fastest growing sports brand on social media, so why be left in the dust?


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Five Things To Know About The Global Phenomenon of Formula One (F1) Racing

1. Forget the sport, let’s start by talking about the view. The races take place in some of the most picturesque places in the world including the scenic streets of Monaco, the desert of Abu Dhabi and under the lights in Singapore (the only night race). Even if you don’t understand the racing, it’s worth it to watch for the postcard worthy scenery. The only race in America is in Austin, TX. The season starts this Sunday in Melbourne, Australia. TV SCHEDULE


2. F1 has always been a global sport with a massive international following, but expect to see more about F1 in the states because U.S.A. based Liberty Media is now the main stakeholder, buying in at a mere $4.4 billion. There have been talks about expanding the races to other U.S. cities outside of Austin.


3. The cars are designed to be light and fast but there are weight restrictions to make sure every team is on a level playing field. Like going to the doctor’s office in the dead of winter where they weight you with all your clothes on, the car and the drivers, with all of their gear still on, are weighed in at the end of each race to ensure they meet said weight restrictions. The average driver loses 6.5 lbs during a race from dehydration. Do not try this before your at home weigh-in.


4. Last season’s winner and the sport’s most recognizable current driver, Lewis Hamilton, is known for his time behind the wheel, big diamond earrings, his famous ex-girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger (Pussycat Dolls) and his Instagram famous bulldogs, Roscoe and Coco, that are raking in the international followers.


5. Unlike your cell phone number, drivers choose their own numbers for their cars. The season’s winner has the right to race in the #1 car during their reign the following season.


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