Make Mine A Double

It’s Monday and who wants to think? No need to with five conversation starters served up just in time for the office or standing in line at the coffee shop.


You go there every morning and your name is still spelled wrong on your cup,

The Last Night’s Game Team

College Basketball

And then there were four. Sister Jean’s Loyola Chicago team isn’t the only one headed to the final four (but they’re certainly the only unexpected underdog in the next round). Michigan (#3), Villanova (#1), Kansas (#1) and Loyola Chicago (#11) will all play on Saturday in San Antonio to claim a spot in the national championship game.


When you can’t help but back the blue. Yesterday, the Lawrence Police Department came prepared with their wit as weapons in expectation of a Kansas win. They could be the coolest cops around, tweeting out their emoji filled do’s and don’ts for post-win celebrations in the streets and responding to student tweets like the one above. (ICYMI - Kansas won). MORE FUNNY P.D. TWEETS


Oklahoma City Thunder’s Russell Westbrook (NBA – National Basketball Association) is known for his outlandish pregame fashion choices. He’s recognized by the fashion world as an icon, is a staple at Paris Fashion Week and even has his own clothing line. In case we forgot what a great basketball player he is, he reminded everyone this weekend by wearing a shirt featuring all of his stats from his record-breaking season last year. PHOTO


Sideline stat

A W in the win column is worth more than pride to the men’s college basketball March Madness teams. Teams are rewarded for their tournament performance. The NCAA awards a unit for each win, part of the revenue distributions from the basketball performance fund. A unit is worth approximately $273,000, which is paid to the team’s conference in hopes it is equally distributed to each of that conference’s schools. (Not all conferences pass along the funds).


Coaches’ Corner

For the first time since 1993, NASCAR (National Association For Stock Car Auto Racing) had a snow day. The race at Martinsville (Virginia) was postponed yesterday and will run today. Do you think they were allowed to do snow donuts with the cars because that would take snow day fun to a whole new level? PHOTOS 


What to watch for

Yesterday was the last Sunday until November without baseball. That’s right, the MLB (Major League Baseball) season starts this week, the earliest start in league history (excluding special international games). Stay tuned for Wednesday’s Five Things To Know so you can talk about more than the delights from the concession stand (although those are important too).