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Sports - because you’re going to need something to chat about besides the unpredictable spring weather.


Don't even mention our winter white legs,

The Last Night’s Game Team

College Basketball

When you’ve got to have faith. Sister Jean (pictured above) does it again! She may have not picked her own team in her bracket but the 98-year-old Chaplin for Loyola Chicago watched her #11 seeded team continue their Cinderella story by beating Nevada last night. The team will now move on to the elite eight this weekend. SCHEDULE


How are you doing in our bracket challenge? If you’re scraping yourself off the bottom, remember there are prizes for last place! RESULTS                 


F1 (Formula One)

If you believe speed limits are simply a suggestion. The first race of the F1 season gets the green light on Sunday in Melbourne, Australia at 1 am EST on ESPN2. Here are our Five Things To Know About The Global Phenomenon Of F1 Racing. No word if they’ll get you out of a speeding ticket for driving like one.



Athletes are just like us in that they lose their luggage. American Airlines lost the clubs of LPGA (Ladies Professional Golf Association) golfer In-Kyung Kim on a flight from Miami and simply couldn’t seem to locate them. The airline suggested she rent some replacement clubs in the meantime. As luck would have it, some fans found her clubs a few months later for sale for $69.99 in a Play It Again Sports in San Diego.


Sideline Stat

Buried in the government spending bill that you’ve heard so much about is a provision to exempt minor league baseball players from minimum wage laws. These players can make as little as $5,500 for the season (players do not receive a salary for spring training or postseason play). The exemption was lobbied for by MLB (Major League Baseball) and the reason? Some say without it, minor leagues would have to make cuts that could hurt the teams and the economy of the cities they play in. MORE


Coaches’ corner

If you don’t want to stay up for the F1 race, here’s another automotive spectacle for you. From the “not sure if this is a sport” file, we bring you Meat Fest. Drivers from all over the country will flock to Disney, Oklahoma this weekend to drive their off-road vehicles up rocks. (Yes it’s as dangerous and gravity defiant as it sounds).

Two of the biggest challenges of the weekend are rocks called Viagra Hill and Nasty Girl. Why Meat Fest? It has nothing to do with the mass quantity of imbibing men, it actually refers to the large width of the tires used on the vehicles. Overheard hundreds of times at the event, “Watch this. Hold my beer…”