Rise And Shine

It may be tough to get out of bed, but it’s Friday and that means your weekend preview edition is here. Now you can amaze everyone you meet with your witty sports ways.


Color me impressed,

The Last Night’s Game Team

Masters (PGA – Professional Golfers Association)

When you realize, athletes…they’re just like us. The Masters teed off yesterday but the real action will be on Sunday in the final round. It was a rough day yesterday for Sergio Garcia, last year’s winner, who hit five consecutive balls in the water. With that, he set the record for the worst score ever recorded on the 15th hole at Augusta National. Now that’s talent. (In case you’re wondering, Tiger Woods is in 29th place. He’s down but certainly not out). OVERALL STANDINGS


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It’s all fun and games until a predatory bird lands on your shoulder. The Minnesota Twins (MLB – Major League Baseball) thought it was a great idea to have a bald eagle fly in during the anthem before their game but the eagle had other ideas. Instead of landing on its handler’s arm as trained to do, it landed on Seattle Mariners pitcher James Paxton. Paxton, a Canadian nicknamed the “Big Maple,” was cool as a cucumber as the raptor-like talons settled on his shoulder. Welcome to the American dream (or nightmare).


Sideline stat

The Superbowl of WWE (Worldwide Wrestling Entertainment), WrestleMania 34, is this Sunday. Fans will flock to New Orleans to see their favorite wrestlers, including Ronda Rousey in her WrestleMania debut. To provide perspective on what a big deal this event is, last year, over 100,000 people attended the event, which is nearly 32,000 more than attended this year’s Superbowl.

It’s easy to forget that the “Sexiest Man Alive,” Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson started as a WWE wrestler. He still holds the record for the shortest match in WrestleMania history, defeating his opponent in just six seconds. The more you know.


Coaches’ corner

Last year, UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fighter Conor McGregor rose to fame when he fought boxer Floyd Mayweather, pocketing close to $100 million. He’s now a household name, even appearing in Burger King commercials. That could all change after his antics yesterday. He threw security barriers and other equipment at a bus transporting fellow fighters. Three of Saturday night’s UFC 223 fights have been cancelled because of injuries sustained (think cuts from broken glass) from his actions. The UFC President is disgusted, McGregor faces assault charges and reports say we may never see McGregor fight again.What was he thinking?