5 Things You Need To Know About the Masters

Break out the argyle, the greatest game on grass starts tomorrow.

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Five Things You Need To Know About the Masters

1. The Masters security team has a list of banned sayings and if any spectator shouts one of them, they’ll be removed immediately from the course. One of the banned phrases? Dilly Dilly. Bud Light had a stellar response to the ban of their fan favorite phrase.


2. Despite the prestige of the course, the food is cheap with everything under $3 and beer for $5. We’ll drink to that. The most famous item on the menu? The pimento cheese sandwich. In case you want to make one at home while watching the tourney, here’s the recipe.


3. The Tiger Woods factor is strong in this year’s tournament. The four-time winner is back and according to Vegas oddsmakers, is the favorite to win (although many in the golf world disagree with this). Since his return this season, TV ratings have been up and there’s an additional buzz around the sport. He may have an uphill challenge to win, but he’s certainly bringing additional fanfare to the game.


4. Whether you’re a journalist or a patron, there is a strict no cell phone policy at Augusta National, the home of the Masters. Don’t even try it as getting caught will land you a lifetime ban from the tournament. 


5. The famed green jacket became a tradition in 1949.  Members of the club decided on green so fans in attendance at the tournament could spot them in case they had questions. Last year’s winner, Sergio Garcia, took advantage of owning the esteemed jacket, wearing it to his wedding, Wimbledon and the New York Stock Exchange. (He also named his newborn daughter Azalea after the famed flowers at Augusta).

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