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The weather is heating up and so is the conversation. Stay cool with your newfound sports knowledge.


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The Last Night’s Game Team

World Cup

When you pledge allegiance to the flag. Despite being one of the top teams in the World Cup, Spain fired their head coach days before the tournament began in Russia. They play soccer superstar Cristiano Ronaldo and his talented Portuguese team today. Spanish fans might be a little conflicted because Ronaldo hails from Portugal but plays professionally in Spain for Real Madrid. Also watch for Gerard Pique, singer Shakira’s partner and baby daddy, who plays for Spain. 5 THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT THE WORLD CUP



Minor League baseball teams are known for their zany publicity stunts and these two are no exception. After a fan vote, a Staten Island team is changing their name to the Staten Island Pizza Rats for a few games this season, as an ode to a hungry subway rat. Not to be outdone, the St. Paul Saints will become the "Raccoons" for one game in honor of the heroic raccoon that scaled a St. Paul office building and captivated a nation earlier this week. IT’S A ZOO OUT THERE


Sideline stat

Who said diamonds were only a girl’s best friend? The Super Bowl winning Philadelphia Eagles (NFL – National Football League) received their championship rings and my how they sparkle with their 219 diamonds. Amongst the many carefully considered features, the ring has a dog mask to signify the team’s role as the ultimate underdogs in the postseason and for the first time ever, they’re inscribed with the player’s own signature. PICS


Coaches’ corner

It was a rough first day at golf’s U.S. Open Tournament. Not only was the traffic on Long Island horrendous, taking some players three hours to get to the course, but the actual golf was pretty tragic too. Tiger Woods made a veteran move, staying on his $20 million yacht near the course but that still didn’t help his game. Known for being a challenging course, Shinnecock Hills sent the players home yesterday with the highest average scores in 25 years. TRAFFIC STINKS 


What to watch

All eyes will be on Russia and Omaha, Nebraska this weekend. (We never thought we’d say that in the same sentence). The College Baseball World Series starts tomorrow and features eight college teams ranging from the defending champion Florida Gators to first-timers like the Washington Huskies. The double elimination tournament runs through June 27. SCHEDULE & TEAMS