Taking The World By Storm

It’s Monday. Take the world by storm and show them how it’s done.


By impressing them with sports talk of course,

The Last Night’s Game Team

World Cup

When you’re amped to start a new week. The first weekend in World Cup soccer had all the feels. From the historic tie for Iceland against Argentina that sent the country into happy hysterics while doing the Viking clap (aka the Thunderclap), to the celebration of the game winning goal for Mexico against defending champion Germany that mimicked an earthquake with fans causing seismic activity in Mexico City. In case you feel left out, don’t worry, there are still three weeks left. AND THE CROWD GOES WILD



Unlike most interviews with Oprah, this one didn’t end up in tears or with the interviewee jumping on the couch. In her conversation with quarterback Tom Brady (NFL – National Football League), which aired yesterday on OWN Network, he opened up. Brady talked about retirement, how his children have changed his perspective on the game - especially when it comes to losing and why he respects players who kneel for the anthem but hates being called the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time). No word if they discussed their food empires over carrots and hummus. WATCH


Sideline stat

Coming off a prolonged absence after wrist surgery, golfer Brooks Koepka won his second straight U.S. Open. Not only is he the first back-to-back winner in 29 years but he was rewarded with a nice little winner’s check for $2.19 million. That’ll work.


Not having a great tournament? Birthday boy Phil Mickelson. All hell broke loose on the course after he hit his moving ball before it rolled down a hill. That’s against the rules and the USGA (United States Golf Association) threatened to disqualify him from the tournament. Although his golf partner Andrew “Beef” Johnson found it hilarious (Beef was also using an Arby’s bacon beef and cheddar golf towel during the tournament so there’s that), many golf purists had their panties in a bunch over his troubling move. AGHAST  


Coaches’ corner

It’s the 25th anniversary of the movie The Sandlot and the Los Angeles Dodgers (MLB – Major League Baseball) honored the cult classic during “Sandlot Night." They recognized the actors from the movie, did a sweet t-shirt giveaway and showed the flick after the game. There have been no reports on how many times “you’re killing me smalls” was said throughout the celebration. FLASHBACK


What to watch

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