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NBA (National Basketball Association)

When Hollywood is calling your name. On Friday LeBron James said peace out to the Cleveland Cavaliers and last night he said hello to the wild west. He signed a deal for $154 million over four years with the third team of his career, the Los Angeles Lakers. His new locale has some calling him LA-bron. Also interesting about the deal? The coach of the Lakers, Luke Walton, was drafted the same year as James (2003). TWITTER WENT CRAZY



In the wake of LeBron’s signing, Lakers ticket prices have skyrocketed and all Cleveland Cavaliers fans have to look forward to next season are free TUMS, which the company will giveaway to fans to calm their heartburn from the King James rejection. ALWAYS A SILVER LINING


Sideline stat

Wimbledon starts today and the main attractions are Serena Williams and her daughter Olympia, who took some time off to visit friend Duchess Meghan Markle this weekend. The Wimbledon seeding committee used their discretionary powers to seed Williams at #25, even though she’s not among the top players in the world after her maternity leave. Who to watch on the men’s side? A #1 seeded 36-year-old Roger Federer, who hasn’t been seeded that high in a decade. SCHEDULE


Coaches’ corner

While traditional powerhouse countries like Germany, Portugal, Argentina and Spain have been eliminated from the World Cup, host country Russia has advanced. In one of the two games yesterday that came down to penalty kicks, Russia became the lowest ranked team to ever advance with their win over Spain. BUT THEY DIDN’T PARTY LIKE THE CROATIAN FANS


What to watch

In a battle for the ages, Brazil and Mexico play each other this morning in the World Cup. We’ll find out if Brazil will advance to the next round under the leadership of Neymar, the last of the notable global soccer superstars still standing after Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s teams were both eliminated.