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Hooray Friday! Hooray for being a part of the sports conversation! Hooray beer!


Life’s too short not to celebrate,

The Last Night’s Game Team

World Cup

When you instantly become best friends. South Korea stunned the world by beating defending champion Germany and eliminating them from the tournament. The German loss meant Mexico qualified for the next stage of games. The Mexico fans were so grateful to South Korea that one business sent a pallet of Mexican beer (no really) to the South Korean embassy in Washington, D.C. They also celebrated the victory in the streets by drinking tequila with the Korean consul general to Mexico. ¡SALUD!



Could it be the best basketball movie since “Space Jam?” If you’re tired of the heat and want a laugh, the basketball movie “Uncle Drew” comes out this weekend. Uncle Drew started with a character in a Pepsi commercial starring Boston Celtics (NBA – National Basketball Association) superstar Kyrie Irving. Now it hits the big screen with Irving as the star, along with some help from basketball hall of famers Lisa Leslie and Shaq, to name a few. (Don’t worry this is nothing like Shaq’s starring role in the 90s film Kazaam). RAVE REVIEWS


Sideline stat

The World Cup started with 32 teams and now it's down to 16 teams as we enter the “knockout stage” tomorrow. Not to be confused with a Mike Tyson punch, the knockout stage means games cannot end in a tie and the losing team goes home. And yes, there may be dramatic shootouts to determine the winner. If you’re going to watch a soccer game, now’s the time to start (well actually tomorrow at 10 am EST). SCHEDULE


Coaches’ corner

Yesterday Senegal was the first team in World Cup history to be eliminated from the tournament by fair points play. They had the exact same record and goal differential as Japan, so the tie breaker was the fact that they had more penalties (red and yellow cards), therefore they had to pack their bags. Finally it pays to be good. CONFUSED? HERE’S A QUICK VIDEO EXPLANATION ON FAIR POINTS


What to watch

FRIDAY - Will he stay or will he go? All eyes are on LeBron James who is scheduled to inform his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers (NBA), tonight by 11:59 pm if he’ll be staying to play another season with them, or moving on to join another team.

SUNDAY – Retired NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., will make his debut in his new gig as a TV commentator during the race in Chicago.