The 5 Things You Need To Know About The Tour De France

This isn’t your mama’s spin class.


It's all downhill from here,

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The 5 Things You Need To Know About The Tour De France

1. By the numbers - The Tour de France is the world’s biggest annual sporting event and it covers over 2,000 miles and features 22 teams made up of eight riders each (down from nine riders in previous years). There are 21 stages (i.e. mountain or flat) that make up the race. Out of the 23 days of the Tour, the riders only have two days of rest.


2. While you may fly solo while spinning away on your Peloton at home, in the Tour a big group of riders grouped together is called the peloton. Likely part of that peloton? Five riders from the U.S. which is two more than participated last year.


3. It's not all about the benjamins. After enduring three weeks of grueling terrain through two different countries (Spain and France), the winner takes home a check for $580,000. (For comparison sake, the Wimbledon winners won $2.9 million). CASHING IN


4. Until the 1960s it was common for participants to drink alcohol to hydrate and to numb the pain. Despite its 'healing power,' alcohol was later banned because it's a stimulant. BRAKE FOR BOOZE


5. After being cleared in a doping case, Chris Froome is eying the yellow jersey and his fifth Tour title. Why the different colored jersey? The overall leader in the Tour wears the yellow jersey, the points leader wears a green jersey and the red polka dot jersey goes to the best hill climber. SO FASHION FORWARD


The Tour started on July 7 and runs until July 29. Here’s how you can catch the action.



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