Buy You A Drink?

Forget the small talk about the weather, let’s get right down to it this Friday.


Come here often?

The Last Night’s Game Team

MLB (Major League Baseball)

When your plan backfires. On Monday, the Washington Nationals’ Bryce Harper won the home run derby. The fans weren’t simply excited for his win but also for the fact that the Nationals promised $1 off of tickets for every home run Harper hit. Let’s just say the accounting department is not happy with the marketing department right now as some tickets are going as low as $1. CHEAP THRILLS



Can you believe that Discovery Channel’s Shark Week is turning 30 this year? To celebrate 30 years of surfers losing limbs and other stories that scare you out of putting a toe in the ocean, a plethora of celebrities will be making cameos during the week. None of them hold a candle to Shaq’s Shark Week promo. (Say that five times fast). WATCH


Sideline stat

It’s going to be tough to find someone who is having a better week than Liz Cambage of the Dallas Wings (WNBA – Women’s National Basketball Association). This week she set the WNBA record for points in a game, followed it up in the next game with the highest ever points total for a two-game span AND was named a WNBA all-star. PINCH ME


Coaches’ corner

People freaked out when Tiger Woods showed up to play in the first round of the British Open yesterday with KT Tape on his neck to relieve his neck discomfort.  Clearly people were curious because the KT Tape website saw a 300% increase in web traffic. Woods not only started a new trend but went on to have a great round. Although he probably didn’t think about how bad it was going to hurt to take the tape off. WAX ON, WAX OFF


What to watch

If high flying action with a few broken bones is how you like to spend your weekend, then you’re in luck. The Summer X Games started yesterday in Minneapolis and will run through the weekend. Even cooler than a rad cast that all your friends can sign is the Shred Hate campaign. The X Games are continuing their in-school program to reduce bullying by 90% through education and 24/7 support via text for anyone who is being bullied or encountering a crisis. LEARN MORE