Fantasy Football - 5 Things You Never Knew

You don’t have to have a team to know what’s going on.

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Fantasy Football - 5 Things You Never Knew

1. There are 59.3 million people who play fantasy sports in the U.S. and Canada with fantasy football as the most popular sport. Fantasy sports are such a big deal that entire networks like ESPN are banking their future on it. (Side note – did you know ESPN has a fantasy Bachelor/Bachelorette league)? SEE HOW THEY’RE MAKING BANK


2. The sport of fantasy football was originally developed in 1962 but modern fantasy football started in 1999 when Yahoo! offered an online league. Now players can create teams using ESPN or other sports apps as well as make some dough with online betting sites like DraftKing and FanDuel, although they are still illegal in a few states. ALL THAT SPORTS KNOWLEDGE IS GOOD FOR SOMETHING


3. Picking a team name is the best part but remember no one is intimidated by the Football Fairy Princesses. Luckily for you, there are massive lists of names out there for inspiration. Some of our favorites? Here’s my number - call me Brady, Sacks and the City and Game of Throws. IDEAS


4. Fantasy football is usually fun but some leagues aren’t for the faint of heart. They take it very seriously and there’s a punishment for coming in last. The penalties include piercings, buying drinks for the entire next football season, doing standup at a local open mic night or waxing of the nether regions (by a professional of course – what are we animals)? THAT’S GOING TO LEAVE A MARK


5. Drafts, trades and researching game day opponents are all part of the game, hence why U.S. employers suffer a $17 billion (yes with a 'B') loss in productivity due to fantasy football. It hurts the employee’s pockets too, spending an average of $556 on entry fees, materials and prizes. ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS  


For more tips and if you’re picking a team, check out our fantasy football 101. If you want even more in depth coverage, here are 100 facts to consider.


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