Up And At ‘Em

A Monday by any other name would still not make us want to get out of bed.


To snooze or not to snooze,

The Last Night’s Game Team

PGA (Professional Golfers Association)

When you’ve still got it. Tiger Woods was grrrreat yesterday at the PGA Championship, dominating the TV coverage and captivating the crowd. Although he couldn’t quite seal the deal and ended up in second place to winner Brooks Koepka. Koepka had an epic day, joining Woods as one of five players in history to win the U.S. Open and PGA Championship in the same year. ON THE PROWL



If you’ve ever watched a sporting event and thought “I could do better.” One Pittsburgh Steelers fan (NFL – National Football League) took matters into his own hands. Dressed in a Steelers uniform, he somehow made it past security and onto the practice field with the team. The imposter finally raised red flags because he was wearing the number #43, which hasn’t been worn for a long time. THAT’S WHAT GAVE IT AWAY?


Sideline stat

The Los Angeles Lakers (NBA – National Basketball Association) are already reaping the benefits of the LeBron James effect. The team has missed the playoffs for five consecutive seasons but by simply by adding James to their roster, the team will have more than half of their season (43 games to be exact) nationally televised. MONEY IN THE BANK


Coaches’ corner

While he may never make it to the MLB (Major League Baseball) Hall of Fame, the all-time home run leader Barry Bonds had his jersey number (#25) retired by the San Francisco Giants, his longtime team. His dad also wore the same number for the Giants during his career. (You may remember Bonds admitted to unknowingly using steroids during his career, hence the controversy on whether or not he’ll ever be enshrined in the hall of fame). WHAT A DOPE HONOR