Let's Get Ready to Rumble

We're heading into a big sports weekend! Who's ready for it?

Let's do this,
The Last Night's Game Team


A family affair. Sisters Serena and Venus Williams will face off in the third round of the U.S. Open tournament today. This is super early for the two to come head-to-head; the superstars usually don't get matched up until the very end of a tournament. No one can know for sure who will knock the other out this time around, but Venus hasn't beaten Serena in a Grand Slam event since 2008. SORRY, SISTER.



You wouldn't expect a professional football player to speak at a politician's funeral, but that's exactly what happened yesterday. Arizona Cardinals' (NFL- National Football League) player Larry Fitzgerald shared beautiful words at senator John McCain's memorial service. He says the two became friends, despite their obvious differences, because McCain truly cared about his heart. PASS THE TISSUE.



One star. That's all Amazon is getting for their coverage of the U.S. Open. Hundreds of customers relying on the streaming service to watch the tournament are complaining about poor picture quality and the inability to rewatch matches. Not a prime time to screw thing's up, you guys. WHERE'S A TV WHEN YOU NEED IT?



The Northern Illinois Huskies (college football) are gearing up to participate in a special tradition when they play at Iowa this weekend. They plan to participate in the "Hawkeye Wave," arguably the sweetest tradition in college football in which the whole stadium waves up at the kids watching the game from from a children's hospital that overlooks the stadium. The Huskies even prepared a video to share their excitement about joining the joyful moment. WATCH IT HERE.



College Gameday (a fun, early-morning pre-game show on ESPN) is celebrating 25 years this weekend with a big bash in South Bend, IN- the place where it all began. They'll be covering the game between home team Notre Dame and old rival Michigan. Fans are likely to be pretty wound up during the live show, as the teams seem to be taking the game very seriously. South Bend even changed the name of downtown road "Michigan Street" to "Fighting Irish Drive." TAKING THINGS TOO FAR.