Kick Your Feet Up

Happy Labor Day! Time for a little poolside sports talk.

Cheers to a day of relaxation,
The Last Night's Game Team


Is that even legal? Roger Federer hit a crazy, game-winning shot against Nick Kyrgios this weekend that had many people saying, "Wait, what??" But evidently it counts, and he's now heading to the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. Joining him are defending U.S. Open champions Rafael Nadal (men's bracket), Sloane Stephens (women's) and crowd favorite Serena Williams. SEE THE IMPRESSIVE SHOT.



It was a special weekend for Maryland (college football) as they honored the life of Jordan McNair, a teammate who died of heatstroke during practice this summer. For their first offensive play, the team lined up with just 10 players (instead of the usual 11) to respect his memory. As the cherry on top, Maryland ended up beating Texas in that game - an unexpected upset. NO, WE'RE NOT CRYING...



Would you trust Kanye West with your NFL (National Football League) bracket? If so, you better have the Chicago Bears winning the Super Bowl. He praised his home team after they shockingly acquired top defensive player Khalil Mack in a trade from the Oakland Raiders. To sweeten the deal, the Bears set Mack up with a record-setting, six-year, $141 million extension. CHUMP CHANGE.



Alabama, the defending college football national champion, blew Louisville out of the water on Saturday, but oddly enough, Alabama coach Nick Saban was still a real grumpy old man after the win. In a postgame press conference, he snapped at an ESPN reporter who asked a pretty standard question about his quarterbacks. Even with his panties in a bunch, it was reported that he later apologized. TAKE IT EASY, MAN.