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The Last Night's Game Team

MLB (Major League Baseball)

Who said nice guys finish last? While the Baltimore Orioles might be in last place in their division, their outfielder Adam Jones is still a champion. When news spread that the D.C. area Mamie Johnson Little League team was headed to the Little League World Series (LLWS) Regionals, Jones stepped up and donated $8,500 to cover their transportation. The team is the first predominantly black squad to advance to the Mid-Atlantic Regional Tournament, the last step before making it to the LLWS. GOOD GUY ALERT



Hall of fame speeches are typically filled with gratitude and inspirational messages of overcoming adversity but former NFL (National Football League) player and NFL Hall of Fame inductee Brian Dawkins’ speech on Saturday was that and so much more. He used his platform to talk about his struggle with depression, where he contemplated suicide in the height of his career, to provide hope to those who might also be battling the disease. BRILLIANT PASSION


Sideline stat

New England Patriots’ quarterback Tom Brady turned an elderly 41 (by NFL standards – he’s the fourth oldest player in the league) on Friday. To celebrate, the team had a giant 900 lb. cake that fed 5,000 people. Seriously. The bummer for Brady? He sticks to a very strict diet and since it wasn’t made out of avocados or another TB12 Method (his diet book) approved food, he couldn’t enjoy it. CAKE > CAREER LONGEVITY & ABS


Coaches’ corner

Teamwork makes the dream work. A surreal moment in NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) this weekend when Chase Elliott took home his first win ever, after starting in 99 races. He ran out of gas just after passing the finish line, leaving him stranded for his virgin victory lap. His teammate, veteran racer Jimmie Johnson, had his back. Johnson used his own car to push Elliott’s victory vehicle around the track for his celebratory lap. HIGH FIVE