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Time to catch up on the latest sports news while chugging that third (fourth? fifth?) cup of coffee.

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PGA (Professional Golfers Association)

Eye of the Tiger. This weekend, Tiger Woods won a PGA tournament for the first time in more than five years. Even though he did not win the overall FedExCup Championship (Justin Rose clinched that victory and the $10 million prize), this is a big comeback for 42-year-old Woods, who has undergone several back surgeries in the past few years. CELEBRATE THE LITTLE VICTORIES


Performer. President. Pitcher. Kanye West keeps his career options open. The Grammy-winner made the ballpark his stage this weekend as he threw out the first pitch at the Chicago White Sox (MLB- Major League Baseball) game. West shared the pitcher’s mound with his son, Saint, who has quite an arm for a two-year-old. START ‘EM YOUNG


To say the odds were against the Buffalo Bills (NFL- National Football League) yesterday would be a massive understatement. The 17-point underdogs creamed the Minnesota Vikings, making it the biggest NFL upset in 23 years. (Want more? Check out our sports betting 101). DIDN’T SEE THAT COMING


Is the NFL getting soft? Green Bay Packers player Clay Matthews certainly thinks so. The refs gave Matthews a penalty for being too rough while tackling the quarterback for the Washington Redskins. But many argue the tackle was routine and the league needs to lighten up. BEING SAFE OR BEING SISSIES?