5 Things You Need to Know About the Ryder Cup

One of the most competitive and contentious golf tournaments of the year is upon us: The Ryder Cup.

Grab your golf cart buddy,
The Last Night’s Game Team


1. The tournament, played every other year, puts the 12 best U.S. golfers head-to-head with the 12 best golfers in Europe. The tournament alternates between both sides of the pond. This year, the U.S. team is favored to win- even though they haven’t won a Ryder Cup on European soil since 1993. BUT WE HAVE TIGER

2. For the first time, the matchup will take place in Paris in front of an audience of 50,000 spectators. In an effort to keep everyone safe, the tournament will be protected by an elite “ring of steel,” which includes elite counter-terrorism special forces and infrared missiles. NOT MESSING AROUND

3. Ryder Cup participants are not paid any prize money. It’s all about the bragging rights. This leads to fierce patriotism amongst both players and fans, who have been known to push their heckling a little too far. (It probably doesn’t help that they start selling beer at 7:00 am). TOO MUCH TRASH TALK

4. American and European celebrities also play in their own Ryder Cup. This year’s U.S. team, featuring actor Samuel L. Jackson, former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, creamed the Europeans. A GOOD OMEN FOR THE REAL DEAL?

5. You may notice the players wearing yellow ribbons this weekend. That’s to honor Iowa State player Celia Barquin-Arozamena, the golfer from Spain who was tragically murdered while practicing alone earlier this month. CELEBRATING A CHAMPION


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