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Even if it is paint by number,

The Last Night’s Game Team


The road to the Super Bowl is paved in gold for the NFL. Not only are their season television ratings up, but this weekend’s playoff game between the Dallas Cowboys and Los Angeles Rams set the record for most viewers ever for a Saturday night primetime event (Rams won). Also moving on in the playoffs are the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs and New Orleans Saints. FOLLOW THE YELLOW BRICK ROAD


Kansas City Chiefs (NFL) guard Jeff Allen had a bit of a problem on Saturday, the morning of his big playoff game. It had snowed and his car was stuck. A good Samaritan, who had no idea who Allen was, helped him with his car but Allen only knew him as Dave – he had no contact information for his savior. Using Twitter, Allen was able to locate the fan, who is homeless, and gift him tickets to next weekend’s semifinal playoff game as a token of his appreciation. GRATEFUL GUARD


The sports world is buzzing that college football's Heisman Trophy winner Kyler Murray may declare for the NFL draft today. The only problem is that Murray already signed a contract to play professional baseball for the Oakland Athletics (MLB - Major League Baseball). If Murray declares for the draft today, it will void his contract with the A’s. The team is worried he might jump ship, so they have allegedly offered him the $15 million in additional money that Murray is seeking to stay with the team and not play football. WILL HE STAY OR WILL HE GO?


It turns out rapper Snoop Dogg may have chosen the wrong career. This weekend he provided some incredible commentary during the television broadcast of the Pittsburgh Penguins – Los Angeles Kings (NHL – National Hockey League) game, spouting one liners and discussing how he drank out of the Stanley Cup. MISSED HIS CALLING